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April Blues

1- como te chamas e como se chama o teu projecto?
Hi, I am Ana and I am from Porto. My current project is called "Unique Minds", which pertains to felt pins from famous personalities that make/made a mark in History. 
2- como e onde começaste o teu projecto?
I guess my main project is April Blues (yes I was born in April), my web alias, under which I have my Etsy store and Instagram account and holds a lot of my creative works and a lot of who I am.
But I digress. Unique Minds started with something that Inês suggested I would do and it started in my very sad rented room in Lisbon, where I currently live. I can honestly only take credit of my craftsmanship on this one, all the credits go to the incredible born minds on this little project.
3- o que te faz gostar do que fazes?
This is something not always easy to put into words. The fact is every time I work on my projects the world is just mine, it's a fulfilling emptiness I'd say, I feel bliss and my mind stays empty of everyday worries and troubles.
4- que valores queres transmitir com o teu projecto?
Empowerment. All the characters were very influential and changed the world with who they are/were. People forget to be themselves and to stand up for what they believe in and who they are, these Unique Minds did the opposite.
5- quais são as tuas influências ou inspirações?
I don't have any specific answer here. I cannot thank enough for internet on this one, because I get to follow people that do amazing works I love to see and that otherwise would never be possible - this is also where A Luz Natural comes in. These people obviously inspire me. But mainly, and I hope I don't sound too weird, I spent a lot of time inside my head and thinking and sometimes an idea comes out.
6- qual o processo para criar cada peça?
I am a perfectionist and sometimes this works against me, because what I make has to be perfect and this makes you have to work harder (and more hours). Usually first I'll draw all the molds, cut them, draw/sew the faces and details, I sew the pin to the back and them I start to put all the pieces together and sew them all around and put the filling inside. This is how I go about my work if I'm trying to save time, otherwise I'll do the things one at a time, in a lazy relaxed way.