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Atelier Karaka (PT)

and the beauty of handprinted textiles  !

Marta Afonso is the print-maker behind Atelier Karaka, she lives in Porto (Portugal) and she has a passion for illustration, patterns and fabrics.

Since her graduation in Textile Design and Communication Design, Marta has collaborated with both Portuguese and international brands in editorials, packaging, decoration, fashion and advertising.

Say hi to Marta in her beautiful studio!

marta karaka


Marta was a obvious choice for a collaboration with Luz Natural because she values natural materials and always uses environmentally friendly processes, trying to harm the environment the least possible!

The challenge we gave her was to create a Botanical inspired textile collection and Marta excelled !

atelier karaka tea towels

Marta chose 100% pure linen as the fabric for this collection of Tea Towels, this is a high-quality textile that will last for decades . 

The inspiration for the collection “Seeds of Porto” were the seeds of three majestic trees we find in the beautiful city of Porto: Magnolia grandiflora, Acer pseudoplatanum and Jacaranda mimosifolia. 

The details of these seeds, the way they fly and the perfect imperfection we find in Nature were Marta's inspiration !

Magnolia grandiflora were the first to be chosen as an inspiration because they are the first to announce spring in Oporto in São Lázaro's garden ! 

Its refreshing lemon scent inspire a break to cherish them in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Their red scarlet seeds were the inspiration for the blockprint.


atelier karaka magnolia


As for the Acer pseudoplatanum, this is a species native to Portugal, whose wood is used in the construction of violins! The seeds are a prodigy of Nature because they have wings that make them turn with the wind to allow the dispersion of the seeds up to hundreds of meters!

acer pseudoplatanum


atelier karaka acer pseudoplatanus


Finally, the Jacaranda mimosifolia is a lush lilac tree that illuminates any avenue of Porto with its burst of color and intense scent! Its flowering lasts all spring until early summer, you can find them everywhere in Porto. Its small seeds are kept inside interesting fruits in the form of 'castanets'. 

jacaranda seed


atelier karaka jacaranda

Marta developed an illustration in China ink for each seed and she engraved manually each stamp. Then the design was manually printed with non-toxic water-based inks in 100% linen.

atelier karaka engraving


atelier karaka process





atelier karaka tea towel


These tea towels stand for beauty in everyday life and responsible production. Make your home cosy and enjoy sustainable design, making the world a little bit better, every day.