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Bica - Good morning design (IT)

and a romantic feminine touch!

BiCA-Good Morning Design is a design reality born from the idea of Alice Azario and Elena Tirinnanzi to express and to share their knowledge, passions and years of research in projecting. 

bica good morning design

These two architects have developed a remarkable expertise in exhibition design, interior projects and brand identity, collaborating with different communication agencies (Inventa CPM, Interbrand, PianoB,CBA,The Chic Fish,…) and clients from design and fashion worlds or museum institutions, in Italy and abroad (MaxMara, Tod’s, BTicino, Museo Chopin, Triennale, Castello di Legnano,..). 

BiCA, as the first coffee they drunk together in Lisbon, followed by many others in Milan, was the inspiration! Long or short, with a drop of milk or not, the birth of ideas and projects began in a mug. 

BiCA-Good Morning Design was born out of the will to rediscover and reinterpret the mirror, ancient material, noble and precious, transforming it always in a different and refined way.

All products of the brand are born from prototype processes and innovative production in collaboration with TheFabLab, a digital fabrication lab in Milan. 


bica good morning design

Their style is essential, minimalist and poetic, their products invite you to smile, since early morning!