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Depeapa (ES)

"Depeapa" means from A to Z in Spanish

And it is exactly like that all Depeapa pieces are made by Veronica, from the beginning - since she imagines them - to the end - when they are executed. Have a look!

depeapa barbudo

depeapa gato

depeapa coala


Verónica de Arriba is a designer and illustrator who currently lives in Granada, Spain. She studied Fine Arts in Bilbao, her native city, she still lived in Italy and Madrid but ended up going to live in Granada with a friend. There she worked as a graphic designer in a newspaper when she returned to her old habit of drawing and began wanting to give life to her illustrations! Verónica started with handmade accessories, wood or felt brooches, dolls ...


depeapa antigo

depeaapa antigo2

She was sharing photos on Flickr and that's how she started receiving orders from customers! She moved on to a blog and then to Etsy in 2007 because it was more practical and reached more customers! Verónica started to succeed and left her job as graphic designer to dedicate herself 100% to the brand, more than 10 years ago!

The whole process is handcrafted: in her daily life, Verónica designs, plans new collections and products where to apply her illustrations, she also deals with the bureaucratic part (deliveries and preparation of orders for stores and markets) while her boyfriend Argider deals with photography. Isn't she lucky to have so much talent on her side?

depeapa edificio

depeaapa coala2


"Depeapa" means from A to Z in Spanish and it is from the beginning to the end that the designer creates her collections, making all the steps of production herself - from clothes to jewelry and accessories to home, everything to give life to her illustrations!


depeapa estudio2

depepeapa estudio3

What she likes most is to think that the characters she creates travel around the world, leaving a little of her everywhere! For example, her work has appeared several times in the magazine Frankie (Australian) or Flow (Dutch) and are very coveted! 

A lot of work later, Veronica remains the same simple and accessible person since the beginning, striving to keep her characters alive and drawing more and more!

Complete your nest with Veronica characters that will make you smile whenever you look at them!

Do you want to take her characters further?