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Don Fisher (ES)

Pesca lo bonito!

Or "fishing for beautiful things" that is Don Fisher's motto!

don fisher capitan

This brand of cases and backpacks inspired by the 7 seas was born from the mind of Julia Castaño, a graphic designer with a master's degree in branding and design, based in Barcelona.

They are delicious!

donfisher peixes mao

donfisher peixes deitados

Julia loved to collect beautiful pieces of designers, to inspire and to surround herself with them, she was always saying that she wanted to do "beautiful things".

One day when she was looking for inspiration, she heard her mother: "Why don't you take inspiration from our bonitos (Spanish fish like tuna)? You could make beautiful bonitos!"

As mothers are always right, Julia began to draw and sew her beautiful fishes and so Don Fisher was born!

The whole process is manual and everyone helps in the family: Julia's boyfriend even disguises himself as captain Don Fisher for promotional events, a Spanish sailor who loves to sail the seven seas looking for beautiful products!

donfisher julia

donfisher coser

donfisher bandeja

All the Bonitos are made with high quality material, they are fresh and ready to use. They are handmade in Spain and full of details: from the shiny scales to the bones inside each bag, all fish or seafood are a work of art!


Julia launches different collections, depending on the ocean or sea that inspires her.

The first collection was inspired by our coast (the Atlantic Ocean) and in the meantime there are three more: one inspired in Alaska, one in the Australian Sea and the other in the Mediterranean. The color palette changes according to the collection: from the neutral colors of the Atlantic to the vibrant fish of Australia!

donfisher australia

Each Bonito is different but all have the same goal: to keep your treasures! They can be used as wallets, cases, key rings and even purses.

The difficult part is to choose! Do you want a backpack devouring everything that is yours or a carp ready to keep your make-up safe?

Don Fisher products were created to make you smile, do not let them escape!