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Filipe Ribeiro Woodturner (PT)

and the beauty of natural design!

Filipe started handcrafting his artworks as an autodidact: he began woodturning to make his godfather's creations a reality.

filipe ribeiro woodturner portugal

Filipe is a bespoke framing specialist, he works with well-known portuguese plastic artists and specialty museums. His godfather led him into the practice of creating custom frames, he was a very creative man, always connected to the art world and he idealized pieces of furniture that he could not create.

In 2016 Filipe started learning on his own how to woodturn, to help his godfather make his creations come true: his perfectionism could not cope with the lack of symmetry and detail of the pieces he found so he decided to woodturn himself. His motto is "To err, always to err in order to learn."


By trial and error, Filipe was finally able to make his godfather's pieces come true, who then sadly passed away.

Filipe continued on his family heritage : Filipe respects the wood and his godfather's teachings daily to achieve the perfection that they both always valued.

His pieces show this family heritage in their every detail.

Each process of creation begins with Filipe collecting wood that awaits for months until the time is right to be turned. 

The tools are then prepared: a swedish Tormek high-quality sharpening system is used to sharpen the gouge which will be used, this fine tuning will define the quality of the final product.

The compact piece of wood is set in the lathe that rotates at high-speed and Filipe starts freeing the wood from its outer layer with different gouges and chisels: he begins to know the traces of the wood inside, the shafts, details and imperfections which make it unique.

filipe ribeiro woodturner portugal

This is the stage of falling in love, the uncovering of the grain and color that make this particular wood and therefore the piece to be created unique.

The next step is emptying out the compact piece: creating the interior with the chosen bowl gouge that decides how thick the piece will be.


filipe ribeiro woodturner portugal


To finalize each work, the wood needs to be released from the lathe, the base is created using a smaller diameter gouge.


filipe ribeiro woodturner portugal 

filipe ribeiro woodturner portugal


Filipe always softens his work with wood shavings, which acts as a natural and softer sandpaper.


filipe ribeiro woodturner portugal


Filipe finishes his pieces with natural bees and carnauba wax that he creates from scratch: he has honeycombs at his workspace that he boils and purifies to create the perfect polishing. 

Filipe has total control in the creation of his pieces: from the drying location of his wood, to the polishing wax he creates in his own studio, nothing is external to the studio and is therefore carefully controlled by his perfectionism. 

The outcome is pure handcraftmanship excellence.