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Manon de Jong (NL)

and the beauty of everyday life!

Manon, from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), is an illustrator who combines traditional and digital illustration. Initially she always draws on paper, which she then combines with collage (she has a wonderful eye for delicious patterns and colors!).

manon de jong and cat

Manon them edits her drawings digitally and tries out different combinations. This is her favorite part of the job, losing track of time and working intuitively until the combination is perfect!

manon de jong work

Manon mostly creates illustrations for magazines and books.

Initially she studied Fashion Design and Philosophy but it was when she did an illustration course that she found what she really wanted to do! Through illustration Manon creates her own world and she draws inspiration from the beauty of the simple moments of everyday life which she immortalizes in her illustrations.

manon de jong work


manon de jong work