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Mi Mitrika (PT)

and the beauty of Portuguese wool

Alexandra is a fashion designer, she manually creates textile art with 100% Portuguese Arraiolos wool in her house in the countryside.

Wool is the only material used in her art ! Even the side that almost nobody sees (the back of her hangings) is also made of pure wool, and all the details in her work are made in Portugal - the brand label, the metal hook, everything !...

Alexandra's work conveys serenity.

Each stunning tapestry is created manually with earth-toned wool knots, resulting in organic pieces of high textural interest.


Alexandra works in the midst of the calm of her surroundings, with her chicks laying eggs outside, the smell of her orange trees and the mist of the fog from the Atlantic Ocean inspiring her everyday to create!

Alexandra can never stop creating and we thank her for that!

Add a touch of Portuguese countryside silence to your home with Mi Mitrika's work of art...

Each tapestry can be used as a wall hanging or as a cushion, imparting a degree of comfort, peace and wabi-sabi to your room.