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Modern Botanics (IT)

and Nature as a source of inspiration

Modern Botanics is the pseudonym of Mirta Arbini for her craft production with inspiration in her daily walks. Her motto is "beauty is in the details".

Mirta Modern Botanics picture

Mirta is Italian and initially worked as a fashion stylist, but quickly her passion for craftsmanship has made her career change. She studied graphic design and decided to dedicate herself to the production of handmade articles.

She left the city of Milan and moved to a quieter life, by Lake Como!


Lake Como   

Her inspiration is, as the name implies, Botany! Being very observant, she always fell in love with details, drawing what catches her attention and creating her pieces from that inspiration.

Drawing Modern botanics

Mirta shares in Instagram her day-to-day inspiration, the silent walks by the lake, a bunch of wildflowers along the way, the textures of a dry leaf and all the silent details that captivate her.

She began sharing her story on Instagram more than 5 years ago and created a worldwide community of supporters and friends, where she shared the ups and downs of a creative life working on her own.

Moder botanic logo

Always consciously and with minimal damage to the environment, using non-toxic paints, reusing materials and second-hand fabrics, Mirta creates unique pieces that carry a little of her serenity.

She uses vegetal dyes to dye the textiles and linoleum blocks to produce her items, without using any machine nor haste, each piece is made with time.

Dyed textile modern botanics

dyed fabrics modern botanics

naturally dyed textile

The entire process is entirely done by her at her place, from the initial drawing to the printing, sewing the paper blocks, cutting and adjusting.

In the beginning Mirta created stationary: notebooks, postcards, calendars and journals. Now she also started with textile printing!

"Creating something makes me incredibly happy!

I lose track of time and space when I am carving on the linoleum block or printing something. I am especially proud to be using ancient techniques to make modern accessories.

Seeing the end result after the long creation process is the best feeling! I believe that every article created by hand is a conversation between the artisan and the buyer.

Each item has its own history and character, where you can feel the calm trace of Mirta !

linoleum block

printing modern botanics

linoleum block modern botanics


And you, will you want to bring some Italian artisanal charm to your house?