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Monte Vera Cruz Ceramics (PT)

and mother Earth as an inspiration !

Monte Vera Cruz project emerged from the hands of Raquell Catharino Costa, a ceramist who was born in Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil in 1983.


She currently lives and works in Porto. Graduated in Visual Education and Fine Arts at the State University of Campinas in 2008, she attended master's degree in Museology as well as ceramic classes in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto in 2009.

Besides being a teacher of Arts, she presents an artistic production in ceramics, engraving, drawing and mosaic.

Before leaving Brazil, Raquell held collective exhibitions of drawing, pottery and mosaic.

During college she began exploring the vast universe of handicraft, since then she has been developing personal research through clay plasticity, inspired by folk art, and works by masters of the arts who use figurativism in a natural, naive and spontaneous way.