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Otchipotchi (PT)

or the simplicity of natural shapes.

This is a project that is very dear to me, because it is Portuguese and because of the philosophy of its author: Paula decided to live in the interior of the country, to enjoy the small things of life - big and quiet skies to breathe, silence, seasons in flowers and trees, time, so much time!

otchi paisagem

otchi paisagem2

otchi paisagem3

Paula Valentim initially started attending pottery classes only as a hobby when she was studying in London, to do something more creative, to create something with her own hands. Back in Portugal, she continued to study ceramics and opened her studio in 2010. 

Thus began Otchipotchi, whose creation process has a very special feature: Otchipotchi pieces are created from molds made directly from elements found in nature like stones, branches or bamboo reeds!

otchi grupo

otchi inspiracao

otchi galhos

Plaster molds are created and the porcelain pieces are made directly from the molds. Each has its finish and bakes in a special oven for ceramics.

This is a long process of several days, a delicious process of affection, nerves and attention to details !

Wouldn't you feel inspired to create in a studio like this?

otchi estudio

otchi estudio2


Paula is inspired by the spontaneity of nature, the simplicity of shapes and the delicacy of porcelain. To bring some of the quiet out there to your nest.

The tradition of pottery is reinvented with clear, soft lines, very Japanese with inspiration in wabi sabi - beauty in imperfection.

All her creations are made to order by hand only by herself in the studio. Paula also does the photography and sends all the pieces (with the precious help of the cat Matilda!).

Do not miss the opportunity to support simplicity, a quiet life and respect for Nature!


All photos are copyright of Paula Valentim.