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Patrícia Lobo Ceramics (PT)

and the will to go further

Patricia was born in Lisbon in 1981, traveled and lived throughout the world for most of her life. She studied Design in Portugal and Representation in Brazil and it was in Brazil that she discovered that she felt more accomplished behind the scenes!

Patricia Lobo

She continued her search for personal fulfillment and began a life dedicated to TV and Cinema that continued in Portugal!

Creating her pieces was a hobby, a way to recharge batteries, almost like a meditation that allowed her to take refuge from the hectic life she led! These moments of creation brought her the peace and balance she sought and great happiness in seeing people enjoy her work.

On a trip to Angola for one more TV production she felt a shock.

Her TV work wasn't for her anymore.
The high budgets of the productions in which she participated were not in agreement with the values ​​that governed her and with the reality that surrounded it.

She decided to stop.

She began a year of experimentation, decided to spend more time creating her pieces, tried many workshops: from jewelry to furniture restoration, until on a Valentine's Day a surprise from her boyfriend led her to try the pottery! (Thanks Valentine!)

That's when she learned she had found her art.

With the training in Design coming back to help her, Patricia passed on to paper the objects she wanted to create and looked for the best ceramic craftsmen around her to learn more!

She soon realized that these craftsmen were stuck to the most typical colors and patterns, so she had to create her own color palette on many evenings of cooking, chemistry and experimentation!

The objects were finished in her mind and all she had to do was make them happen.

We adore Patricia's strength and perseverance because the objects she has created convey a unique calmness and timelessness!

Combining a design with clean and modern lines to the traditional technique of ceramics, Patricia created in this first collection lamps with a very own and minimalist aesthetic.

The creation process is slow, complex and unpredictable, something that Patricia learned to embrace and accept: a small error in the molding can destroy an entire collection and the different flames with which the gas muffle (ceramic furnace) embraces her items confer them a grain, texture and nuances unique and unpredictable!

Opening the oven is always a time of surprise and learning!

Inspired by the simple things of life, Patricia's pieces mostly feature minimal, lightweight and subtle forms to have a long life in the space they occupy, not only for the timeless versatility of their shapes but also due to its pastel, earthy and neutral colors.

Patricia Lobo 



Patricia Lobo

Patricia was able to achieve what she was looking for: a conscious and respectful lifestyle for herself, which is the perfect combination of love, dedication, quality and functionality.

We are very proud of Patrícia Lobo Ceramics !