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Storytiles (NL)

Humoristic art on tiles

The creator of these inspiring tiles is the visual artist Marga van Oers who decided to embrace the Dutch historical craftsmanship and give it a personal touch!

storytiles marga

After studying Communications and Arts, while working in the Loods5 decoration shop, Marga realized that design and art were no longer distant, they were getting closer and generating more attention.

When her grandmother gave her a box full of old tiles, there was a click! Tiles are actually little works of art that brighten any home!

Ceramic tiles are a tradition in Delft, Holland since the 16th century. So Marga decided to give wings to her creative side and created tiles that combined classic concepts with contrasting modern elements, but at an affordable price to the general public. Something that would please the home of those who have them, that is authentic and handmade!

storytiles swatch

storytiles banco

storytiles cao

Her sister-in-law was the first person to enter the project as early as 2013. Together they launched a campaign on the Dutch crowdfunding website Voordekunst and in just 15 days they managed to raise enough money to produce the first series of tiles!

They do everything : Marga deals with the design and production and Judith, the sister-in-law, deals with the administration and public relations.

Before finding a company to do the deliveries for them, Marga remembers being on the floor of her studio with friends, surrounded by hundreds of boxes of tiles, packing each one individually and taking them to the mail on her bike, full of tiles in the basket!

It was not ideal but that's how you learn, it's all a great adventure when you're building something with your heart!

storytiles cima



Marga collects ancient tiles from the 16th and 17th century and makes collages directly on the tiles, with collages from old magazines. These are then sublimated in the tiles.

With an impeccable aesthetic and a touch of humor, it creates exciting collages that inspire you to imagine their story!

Even the name of the company, Storytiles, reminds us of the story behind each tile: each one has a story in its original form, and with the collages, they gain new meaning!

Marga tries to create an interesting interaction between objects or creatures or generate an emotion with each tile, giving them a new energy.

As for me, it's working 100%!

Tell me these tiles don't make your mind wonder?

storytiles pompomstorytiles vaso

storytiles caneca

Based in Amsterdam, all the tiles are cooked in traditional Dutch ovens at high temperatures, which makes them resistant to heat and water.

Marga also works in wood collections and still with invited artists, do not miss the news!

Light up the walls of your home with Storytiles!