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Studio Emma (SCOT)

to honor colorful textures!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, abstract paintings and cement fell madly in love! And the result of their honeymoon? Emma's delicious pieces!

studioemma tablete

Emma McDowall is an emerging artist with studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She studied Textile Design at Gray's School of Art, which allowed her to develop her technique and practice with different materials, shapes and colors!

Her connection to cement began when she returned to her homeland after finishing university. Without any access to textile equipment and a lot of cement mix at home, she was driven by her curiosity and willingness to search for new and unusual materials. From a cabin in his parents' home, Emma began creating her art pieces, channeling creativity to something outside her area of ​​expertise.

From a casual combination of lack of expensive materials with an open mind, Emma's work is clearly different, inspiring and clearly very original!

Emma began creating contemporary objects that celebrate the color and textures of cement, for a modern home!

studioemma vaso

studioemma textura

studioemma textura2

Her pieces can be used as decoration and have been created to integrate well in an art gallery and in your house, surrounded by plants!

Every week Emma goes to the building material store, she never knows what all the interesting materials she finds there are, but she always wants to know and use them. The people in the store already know her, they might find it strange that she spends so much time there!

Each piece of Emma is handcrafted with experimental processes: after mixing the cement, it is poured into recycled molds.

There is not much control as to what the pieces will look like at the end, which could be stressful for some, but for Emma the natural shapes and imperfections that appear are the most interesting!

The color palettes are always chosen beforehand.

You can tell that Emma has a deep interest in the complex relationship between strength and beauty. Her industrial materials and soft color palettes complement each other perfectly!

studioemma textura3

studioemma vaso

studioemma vaso rosa

studioemma prateleira

Influenced by unusual architecture and urban areas, which are the usual focus of her photographs, Emma refers to her cement work as 3D interpretations of her photography.

The photographs she takes of her work are always an explosive combination of form and color and show her interest in creative fusions.

studioemma planta

studioemma letras

Inspired by successful creative women, Emma is proof that having patience and an open mind are essential to success!  

During university Emma interned for the famous designer Donna Wilson and Nikki McWilliams has been her mentor in recent times, since she lives in the same area as Emma. Although the products of both are very different from hers, they were the ones that inspired Emma to want to support herself through her work and do what she likes the most.

Right now Emma divides her time between work by commissions / freelancer or creating new items, do not miss her colorful creations on her Instagram

And how about you, do you want to support Emma doing what she loves?