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Portuguese traditional tapestry (PT)

Affection in manual looms

Come find out more about our lovely cotton rugs made on the traditional loom!


These carpets have existed in the Portuguese economy since immemorial times, initially their production was linked to the agricultural population - the loom was present in the house of farmers. Harnessing almost exclusively old clothes, one could get the economic production of rugs and blankets, in a process in which the secret was to use everything.

From there to its commercialization the step was small, since this popular art soon gained fame, by its quality and originality!

Any Portuguese knows these rugs and remembers them of grandparents' homes, parents, friends or relatives. Currently made from fabric, they can still be found in any Portuguese cuisine!

They can be distinguished into two types:

  • the most random, where each horizontal line has a different color - the colors depend on availability. This type is the most common;

  • the most appealing, which only have a color and a similar cross-stitch design, in relief.

Both are made in rustic wooden looms and use as raw material fabrics cut into thin strips, which are combined to obtain colored pieces. These strips are attached by knots or tacks and can be smooth or "pulled". The "pulls" give rise to different patterns: from the diamond and star pattern, to the pompom and even the smooth pattern.

tear senhora

Those we chose for Luz Natural are of artisanal production, from families in the North of Portugal that dedicate exclusively to the production of these carpets.

We choose the most delicious colors for you!


tapete jardim

With these colors and the affection that a handmade piece always carries with it, you will want to have one to decorate your room, bedroom or kitchen, don't you think?

The portuguese craftsmen thank you!