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Pedro Santos Atelier - Traditional Porto Skylight Table Lamp



biscuirt porcelain table lamp inspired by the beautiful traditional skylights in Porto, you can find them everywhere if you look up !

There are two options availabe: with LED lamp or with a candle as light source, both will illuminate your room in warmness!

it may present minor variations and irregularities as every piece is made by hand


100 % handmade in Portugal by Pedro Santos Atelier

Pedro Santos Atelier is a design brand, launched in 2013, aimed at the development and production of exclusive ceramic pieces.

Pedro walks the edge of the material's thickness, in the pursuit of the perfect translucency!

Meet the maker!

Material: Biscuit Porcelain

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 14 cm

Electrical Outlet (option 1.2): 230 V / 2W LED lamp

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