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Postponed due to Covid19| Workshop Introduction to Needle Point | 21 March 2020


Saturday March 21st 2020 14:30-18:30h

Needlepoint Initiation Workshop Date: 21 March 2020 Location: Luz Natural (R. dos Bragas 32, 4050-122 Porto) Time: 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm * LIMITED SPACES *

Needlepoint Initiation Workshop with Cristina Cerqueira, from unwind studio Instagram: www.instagram.com/unwind.studio Website: www.unwind.studio

Cristina has a passion for Needlepoint and created the unwind studio project, where Design and Illustration intersect with Needlepoint, modernizing this art!

There is something magical about taking the time to create something with our hands. Slow down, relax and create!

At unwind studio, we want to change the way people perceive crafts, our mission is closely linked to the Bauhaus School Manifesto, as we also believe that there are no barriers between crafts and sculpture or painting: they all have the same goal - to create!

We collaborate with artists from around the world, supporting and publicizing their work through Needlepoint kits.

Content: This workshop is for beginners (no knowledge is required). The Needlepoint is designated in Portuguese as Embroidery in Talagarça or Tapestry made with Needle, it is an embroidery that is executed on a special canvas called talagarça.

Workshop Objective: In this workshop, participants will learn how to embroider on talag cloth and use some of the most used stitches in Needlepoint. They will have the opportunity to embroider a canvas in a 10x15cm or 14x14cm format, which they can later transform into a small painting.

No experience is required.

Materials: The registration fee includes all materials for the workshop:

- Blank canvas or printed design, in 10x15cm or 14x14cm sizes

- DMC Retors Mat cotton threads

- 2 Tapestry needles

- Needlepoint tutorial

Duration: 4 hours Participants: minimum - 6 | maximum - 8